Rules 2017

I. General Rules

  1. The competition takes place on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October 2017 in the theatre of the Cultuurcentrum, Koninginnelaan 42, 3630 Maasmechelen, Belgium.
  2. There are two competition categories:
    • mixed choirs of 16 – 40 singers
    • equal voice choirs of 12 – 40 singers
  3. A choir may enter both categories.
  4. The minimum age for participation in the contest is 15.
  5. The entry fee is 250 euro per choir, per category.
  6. All broadcasting and recording rights belong to the contest organisers.
  7. Choirs are responsible themselves for complying with copyright rules.The International Choir Contest of Flanders can not be made responsible for this by any means.
  8. The organisers accept no legal responsibility whatsoever in respect of anything pertaining to a choir’s participation at the contest.
  9. All communication with the Contest is directly with the Secretariat.

II. Application Procedure

  1. The closing date for the receipt of completed applications for participation is 15 January 2017.
    1. Application must be made by way of the module contained on the contest’s website  
    2. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the explicit permission of the organizing committee, the application may be made by way of a registered letter to the Contest Secretariat address.
    3. All other non-digital documents and musical scores must be forwarded to the Contest Secretariat address by registered post.
    4. All e-mail correspondence must be exclusively with:
  2. Required documents: Application form – The choir’s name must be detailed in both its original form and in an English translation. (via website).
    1. Curriculum vitae of the choir (English, 200 – 250 words, via website).
    2. Curriculum vitae of the conductor (English, 200 – 250 words, via website).
    3. Short summary of the content of each song (English, via website). Titles must be given in the original language and in English.
    4. Two recent photographs of the choir and the conductor (digital format jpg- or tiff-format, minimum 300 dpi, via website or e-mail).
    5. One original score of all the choir pieces listed as part of the choir’s contest programmes. All music scores must detail the composer’s first and last name, date of birth, and be written in Roman characters (via registered post).
    6. A recent recording, maximum two years old, with a minimum of three a cappella choir pieces.
  3. Only applications enclosing all of the requirements, detailed under Application Procedures, will be considered.
  4. A separate application must be made if a choir participates in two categories.

III. Contest Repertoire Requirements

  1. The contest consist of two sections:
    1. Section 1 on Saturday:Each choir presents a 12-15 minute programme of a cappella works. The programme must consist of:
      • a work composed before 1750
      • a work from the period 1800 – 1950
      • a compulsory piece, new a cappella composition, by a Flemish composer (duration ca. 3 minutes).
      • a work composed after 1950 of the choir’s native country

It is allowed to reduce the number of singers to a minimum of 16 persons for the work composed before 1750.

    1. Section 2 on Sunday: Each choir presents an 8-10 minute programme. The programme must include
      • One “unison” folksong from the choir’s own country (a cappella)
      • A free choice of choral music, either a cappella or with accompaniment of piano or/and non-melodic percussion.
  1. The order of performance is at the discretion of the conductor. The final order must be sent to the Contest Secretariat by no later than 01 September 2017 (via website).  Once accepted the order of performance cannot subsequently be changed.
  2. Solo parts should be kept to a minimum.
  3. Apart from the two required performances for the jury, the choirs are obliged to prepare a concert programme of ca. 30 minutes for Saturday evening and to choose one ‘lighter’ work of max. 3 minutes for the Final Concert on Sunday evening.

IV. Selection

  1. Choirs are selected on the basis of their application material (scores, curriculum vitae and a recent audio recording, see II- Application Procedure).
  2. The selected choirs will be informed in February 2017. Their selection will be final only after payment of the entry fee, which must be received by the Contest Secretariat no later than 15 March 2017. Any choir that withdraws from the competition is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee.
  3. After payment of the entry fee, the selected choirs will receive the requested number of copies of the compulsory work.

V. Jury

  1. The international jury is composed of 5 members.
  2. The VZW “International Choir Contest of Flansders-Maasmechelen” is responsible for the jury’s operation and administration.
  3. All choirs obtain a ranking in each category after evaluation by the jury.
  4. All participating choirs will receive a written evaluation by each member of the jury.
  5. The percentage of the judgement of both contest parts is 60% for Section 1 and 40% for Section 2.
  6. The jury’s decision is final.

International Choir Contest of Flanders