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PARTNERSHIPS Music Festival for Young People Neerpelt, Belgium.
A European Music Festival for youngsters up to the age of 25 where they can meet each other and fraternize trough their music.

58th vocal festival: 30/04/2010 – 03/05/2010
60th vocal festival: 27/04/2012 – 02/05/2012
62th vocal festival: 01/05/2014 – 05/05/2014
64th vocal festival: 29/04/2016 – 02/05/2016
66th vocal festival: 27/04/2018 – 02/05/2018

Tel.: +32-11-66 23 39
Fax: +32-11-66 50 48


Euprint ed

Euprint ed sponsor of the International Choir contest of Flanders-Maasmechelen 2015
Euprint ed is the editor of the compulsory works, newly composed by Peter Pieters. The editor puts the scores at the selected choirs’ disposal . These compulsory works will be performed for the first time during this international choral competition in Maasmechelen. Afterwards the scores will be offered for sale (by the editor Euprint ed).


International Choir Contest of Flanders