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1st prize: € 1,750



2nd prize: € 1,500

Paramabira mixed choir


3th prize: € 1,250

Oberwalliser Vokalensemble



1st prize: € 1,750



2nd prize: € 1,500

Paramabira male choir

Czech Republic
Czech Republic

3th prize: € 1,250

Vox Novus


Prize for the best performance of the compulsory work in the category mixed choirs
– Prize donated by SABAM: € 750
Paramabira mixed choir, Indonesia

Prize for the best performance of the compulsory work for choirs with equal voices
– Prize donated by SABAM: € 750
Amaranthe, Belgium

Prize for the best performance of a monodic folk song
– Prize donated by Koor&Stem: € 750
Festino, Russia

Prize of the audience
– Prize donated by Koor&Stem Limburg: € 500
Paramabira mixed choir, Indonesia

Prize for the best choir of the contest
– Prize of the International Choir Contest of Flanders-Maasmechelen: a piece of art from Georges Blom
Festino, Russia

Invitation for the ‘Grand Prix’ at the ‘San Juan Canta 2018’ in Argentinia for the two best choirs
Festino, Russia
Amaranthe Belgium


Mixed choirs  %
1. Festino Russia  91
 2. Paramabira mixed choir Indonesia  90
 3. Oberwalliser Vokalensemble Switzerland 85
 4. Dualis The Netherlands 84
 5. Capella Odak Croatia 83
 6. Carmina  Viva Belgium 83
 7. Camerata Aetas Belgium 80
Choirs with equal voices  %
 1. Amaranthe Belgium 90
 2. Paramabira male choir Indonesia 86
 3. Vox Novus Czech Republic 83
 4. Medicus Latvia 77
 5. Canta Volare The Netherlands 76

We hope to meet you again at our next Contest!
4 – 6 / 10 / 2019


Choirs with equal voices

1. Amaranthe, Belgium
2. Vox Novus, Czech Republic
3. Paramabira male choir, Indonesia
4. Medicus, Latvia
5. Canta Volare, The Netherlands

Mixed choirs

1. Festino, Rusland
2. Carmina Viva, Belgium
3. Capella Odak, Croatia
4. Camerata Aetas Nova, Belgium
5. Oberwalliser Vokalensemble, Switzerland
6. Dualis, The Netherlands
7. Paramabira mixed choir, Indonesia

Selected choirs 2017

For the 14th edition of the International Choir Contest of Flanders-Maasmechelen the participating choirs have been selected.

IKV celebrates its 30th anniversary which makes this 14th edition an anniversary edition.
The competition includes two categories: one for mixed voices and one for equal women’s and men’s voices.

Thirteen choirs have been retained from the submitted applications: 8 mixed choirs, four female choirs and one male choir.

The origin of the choirs is very diverse. With a certain pride and satisfaction we welcome three choirs from our own country: Camerata Aetas Nova from Leuven, Amaranthe from Oudenaarde and Carmina Viva in Sankt-Vith (eastern provinces). We wish them a nice stay in Maasmechelen and a very nice result.

From the Netherlands we receive Canta Volare from Beek (Dutch Limburg) and Dualis from Groningen.

The Oberwalliser Vokalensemble comes from Sion (Switzerland).

The Eastern European Countries are very well represented by:
Vox Novus from Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic), Cappella Odak Zagreb (Croatia), Cantemus from Kamnik (Slovenia), Medicus from Rezekne (Latvia) and Festino from Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Finally, the furthest participant is the university choir Paramabira from Jakarta (Indonesia). They will sing with a mixed choir and a male choir.


The quality of the choirs is very high and they have gathered impressive results at renowned choral competitions. This guarantees a musical feast with a thrilling competition.
The singing contest begins on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 and ends with a grand finale concert in which all the choirs participate at 20:00 on Sunday, October 8th, 2017.
The full program of our Flemish choral contest can be found on this site!